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MA (Master of Arts)


Criminal Justice

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Larry S. Miller

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Dustin Osborne, Nicole Prior, Chris Rush


This research was intended to investigate the perceptions of firearm policies and the views held by campus security personnel regarding student or teacher carry on campus. The purpose of the interviews was to investigate campus security officer’s perceptions and how they differ based upon individual belief systems. The goal, therefore, was to understand how their perspectives on campus carry could impact interactions with students and faculty. Exploring a representative sample of current firearm policies, both on and off campus, established a framework that exposed the opinions of campus security personnel and gave some insight into the potential impact that might occur from implementing various policies. As a result, the coverage of these materials was pivotal regarding firearm policy and to show how unique perspectives can develop and create a better understanding of campus policing. This was especially true given the dearth of research into violence on campuses and the perspective of individuals that are tasked with the protection of the institutes.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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