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MS (Master of Science)



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Dr. Moin Uddin

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Dr. Keith Johnson, Thomas Horan, PE


Building energy usage can be derived and controlled by performing building energy modeling. BEM can be performed using numerous software tools such as DesignBuilder, OpenStudio, EnergyPlus etc. These modeling tools can be sorted into three different modeling categories: Black-box, Gray-box and White-box. It is important for a modeler to be able to quickly select the proper tool from the proper category to meet the need of the project. To validate the method of categorizing tools, the three models generated using tools from each category and the modeling outputs required were compared. Each model was designed to estimate the amount of heat transfer through building envelope elements. All the modeling tools were able to generate the required output, therefore, the method for selecting the most effective tool will be based on the output requirements and the time it takes to build the model, time it takes to generate the output and interpret the output.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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