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PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)



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Janne Dunham-Taylor

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Sally Blowers, Lisa Haddad, Katharine Y. Kolcaba


Florence Nightingale used the principles of patient-centered care as the foundation for nursing practice. Today, patient-centered care delivery is part of the healthcare reform process that extends interprofessionally throughout all settings of healthcare in the United States (U.S.). Patient satisfaction measurement is one primary determinant of effective patient-centered care. The standardized Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey and methods is a nation-wide tool used to measure patient satisfaction. However, this method of patient satisfaction assessment relies on recollections of patients’ hospital experiences and requires accurate memory and recall. This study sought to examine the effect of the memory-experience gap on patients’ perceptions of their hospital experiences and address this research question: Are there any statistical differences between in-hospital and two-week post-discharge perceptions of patient-centered care as measured with HCAHPS patient satisfaction ratings on (a) the composite scores for communication with nurses, communication with physicians, communication about medicines, pain management, staff responsiveness, (b) the individual scores for the hospital environment’s cleanliness and quietness, and the inclusion of patient and family preferences in the plan of care, and (c) the overall global rating score? The design was a non-experimental, prospective, descriptive correlational study. The setting was a 255-bed regional hospital that serves individuals from eight surrounding rural counties in southern middle Tennessee. The case-mix contained diverse individuals with multiple economic, environmental, physical, social and spiritual dynamics. A convenience sample of 82 adult patients ages 26 - 93 represented mainly Caucasian females with mostly cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses who had a minimum one-day stay.

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