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EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

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Virginia Foley

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John Boyd, Ginger Christian, Don Good


This study was designed to determine whether kindergarten through eighth grade general education teachers and special education teachers were prepared to meet the needs of students with disabilities in inclusive classrooms. Conducted in Northeast Tennessee, an online survey was used to collect responses from participants in six school districts. The survey focused on four dimensions including perceptions of preparedness, attitudes towards inclusion, perceptions of administrator support and perceptions of self-efficacy. Data collected from 180 respondents were analyzed and informed the results of this study.

Findings indicated that special education teachers reported significantly higher levels of preparedness to meet the needs of students with disabilities in the inclusive classroom than general education teachers. There was not a significant difference in perceived levels of preparedness between elementary educators and middle school educators. Survey responses revealed a significant, positive correlation between teacher perceptions of preparedness and attitudes towards inclusion; preparedness and teacher perceptions of administrative support; preparedness and teacher perceptions of self-efficacy; attitudes towards inclusion and administrative support; attitudes towards inclusion and self-efficacy; and administrative support and self-efficacy.

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Dissertation - unrestricted


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