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MS (Master of Science)



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Marina Roginskaya

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Scott Kirkby, Abbas Shilabin


2,5-diaminoimidazolone (Iz) is an important product of a 4-electron oxidation of guanine. The present research focuses on the mechanisms of formation of Iz via pathways initiated by guanine oxidation by one-electron oxidants (OEOs) generated by X-ray radiolysis in aqueous solutions. The kinetics of formation and yields of Iz in reactions of native highly polymerized DNA with different OEOs have been compared using an HPLC-based quantitative analysis of low-molecular products generated from the reaction of DNA-bound Iz with primary amines. Mechanisms of Iz formation in DNA have been investigated including oxygen and superoxide dependence as well as the hypothesis that 8-oxo-G, another product of guanine oxidation, is not a major precursor to Iz. Results indicate Iz is produced in significant quantities in DNA from guanine oxidation and the efficiency of its formation correlates with the reduction potential and selectivity of a given OEO.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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