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MA (Master of Arts)



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Christopher S. Dula, Jon R. Webb

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Jameson K. Hirsch, Matthrew T. McBee


Mindfulness is a cognitive attribute that is associated with better health and well-being. Fibromyalgia is a neurosensory disorder primarily characterized by chronic pain and comorbid depression, leading to an increased risk for alcohol-related problems. Empirical literature confirms mindfulness has beneficial associations with chronic pain, depression, alcohol-related problems, and fibromyalgia. Mindfulness may lead to better health and well-being by facilitating self-monitoring, objective reperceiving, and purposeful changing of health-related behaviors. It was hypothesized that higher levels of mindfulness would be related to lower levels of chronic pain and depressive symptoms, and, in turn, to fewer alcohol-related problems among individuals with fibromyalgia. Cross-sectional data was collected from 287 participants, and statistically analyzed using parallel mediation models. Hypotheses were only partially supported; mindfulness had an inverse relationship with alcohol-related problems, as hypothesized, although the relationship was not mediated by chronic pain or depressive symptoms.

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