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MS (Master of Science)


Sports Science and Coach Education

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Brad DeWeese

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Kimitake Sato, Michael H. Stone


The purpose of this study was to observe changes in sprint velocity, ground contact time, and peak force demonstrated by a competitive sprinter following an integrated approach to speed development and strength training. As part of an ongoing monitoring procedure the participant completed 20m sprint testing through an optical measurement system and isometric-strength testing before and after each phase of training. Sprint velocity, ground contact time and peak force were analysed using Tau-U, smallest worthwhile and percent change statistics. Results indicate sprinting velocity statistically improved while changes in peak force were practically significant and ground contact time remained trivial throughout the investigation. Results lead investigators to suggest the implementation of a periodized approach merging technical skill and the development of physical abilities. The integrated approach provided a transfer of training effect and may have been the primary source of sprint enrichment.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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