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MS (Master of Science)


Allied Health

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Deborah Dotson

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Randy Byington, Susan Bramlett Epps


The purpose of this study was to examine patient attitudes and opinions regarding the advancement of a mid-level dental provider, such as the ADHP, in an effort to better understand the perceptions of those who may one day be in a position to receive care from this type of provider. In this quantitative study, I analyzed the differences between those with and without access to dental care and evaluated differences among respondents based upon their socioeconomic and demographic attributes. I collected data from patients treated at Mt. Juliet Family & Cosmetic Dentistry and at the Coweta Samaritan Clinic via a 17-item questionnaire. Most respondents would be willing to accept treatment from someone in this role. The majority of respondents also believed it would be a positive step towards meeting the needs of the uninsured and underserved. Demographic data had no significant impact on their opinion of this role.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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