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MS (Master of Science)



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T. Andrew Joyner

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Ingrid Luffman, Ken Tillman


Abdominal aortic aneurysms are the third leading cause of sudden death in men 60 years and over. AAAneurysm Outreach provides free screenings to residents of Louisiana and beyond. Service areas were calculated for each AAAneurysm Outreach screening event location and stroke center. Data provided by the 2010 U.S. Census, the American Community Survey, and the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System were used to describe demographics of the underserved populations and to identify high-risk areas for targeted interventions. Twenty-five percent of age-eligible Louisianans reside outside optimal drive-time-to-screening-event zones but within spatially clustered areas of increased prevalence rates. The maximum drive-time-to-treatment zones excluded 1,395 residents 65 years and over from timely access to emergency medical care. Results revealed limitations in the geographic breadth of the screening program and small disparities in accessibility to emergency healthcare.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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