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MS (Master of Science)



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James I Mead

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Steven Wallace, Blaine Schubert


Tropidolaemus wagleri is a species of Asian pitviper with a geographic range including Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Bruniei, parts of Indonesia, and the hilippines. Tropidolaemus is a member of the Crotalinae subfamily, within Viperidae. The genus Tropidolaemus includes five species, and was once included within the genus Trimeresurus. While some osteologic characteristics have been noted a comprehensive description of cranial elements has not been produced for T. wagleri. An in-depth description of the cranial skeleton of Tropidolaemus wagleri lays the foundation for future projects to compare and contrast other taxa within Crotalinae and Viperidae. The chosen reference specimen was compared to the presumed younger specimens to note any variation in ontogeny. The study here provides a comprehensive description of isolated cranial elements as well as a description of ontogenetic change within the specimens observed. This study contributes to the knowledge of osteological characters in T. wagleri and provides a foundation for a long term project to identify isolated elements in the fossil record.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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