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Steven C. Wallace

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Blaine Schubert, James I. Mead


Analysis of the Gray Fossil Site peccary material indicates the presence of up to three species. Comparisons with the tayassuid material known from the Tyner Farm and Bone Valley Formation of Florida allows the identification of Mylohyus elmorei and at the GFS. Within the GFS material, Prosthennops cf. P. serus and cf. Catagonus sp. are also tentatively recognized but further verification is required. The known range for Prosthennops is expanded into the Appalachian region. Presence of M. elmorei at the Gray Fossil Site provides the first known occurrence of this species outside of the Palmetto fauna of Florida, indicating that the species once exhibited a larger range within the southeastern United States than previously known. Overall, the presence of M. elmorei.indicates another parallel to the Palmetto Fauna of the Bone Valley Formation whereas Prosthennops cf. P. serus may indicate a connection to the Hemphillian of the western United States.

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