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MS (Master of Science)



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Mei H.

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Kady I., Vasiliev A.


The overall goal of this research is to synthesize two different monomers for proton exchange membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells. Such monomers are proposed to be polymerized to improve the efficiency and compatibility of electrodes and electrolytes in PEM fuel cells.

The first target is to synthesize 4-diazonium-3-fluoro PFSI zwitterionic monomer. Three steps were carried out in the lab. First one was the ammonolysis of 3-fluoro-4-nitrobenzenesulfonyl chloride. Second reaction was the bromination of Nafion monomer. The next coupling reaction, between brominated Nafion monomer and the 3-fluoro-4-nitrobenzenesulfonamide, was failed. The obstacles involve the harsh reaction condition and troublesome purification procedure.

The second target is to synthesize 5-nitro-1, 3-benzenedisulfonamide. According to the literature, this synthesis was also designed as three steps: 1)nitration of sodium 1, 3-benzenedisulfonate salt; 2)chlorination of sodium 5-nitro-1, 3-benzenedisulfonate salt; and 3)ammonolysis of 5- nitro-1, 3- benzenedisulfonyl chloride. This monomer is expected to be copolymerized for membrane electrolyte in PEM fuel cells.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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