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EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

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June 1974


Purpose. The problem of this study was to present the history of intercollegiate athletics at Milligan College from 1887-1973. Method. Both primary and secondary sources were used in gaining knowledge of the history of sports. Interviews were conducted with individuals who had been in the position of president or athletic director. All interviews were tape recorded. These interviews were transcribed for use in the study. A questionnaire was used to secure the opinions of professors, students, and former students. Past practices and records were gleaned from residents who had lived in the area of Milligan College for a great length of time. All of the data thus collected and analyzed were considered as nuclei in the proposed study. Summary. Three basic factors have been found to permeate the athletic program at Milligan College: 1. The first organized event on the campus was a baseball game in 1887. This was followed by basketball in 1914. These sports were followed by football which was instituted in 1924 by Asa F. Cochran, a faculty member of Milligan College at the time. 2. The athletic program has grown from its first intercollegiate sport (baseball in 1887) to include an extensive sports program on a varsity or club level at the present time. 3. Fine Christian leadership has been given to the athletes through many outstanding athletic coaches. Conclusions. The findings in this study warranted the following conclusions: 1. Athletics at Milligan College have grown from a meager beginning in 1887 to a very important place in the total college program. 2. The athletic facilities have improved at the college and have helped with the fine athletic program found on the campus today. 3. The athletic program at Milligan College has been supported by the faculty, students, alumni, and community. 4. Milligan College has been recognized throughout the nation for its outstanding athletic program through teams, coaches, and athletes who represented the school. 5. Intercollegiate athletics at Milligan College has been considered one aspect of the total program of physical education since the early 1900's. This operational principle was reflected in the administrative structure of the institution and of athletics. 6. Traditionally, Milligan College has attempted to meet the athletic needs of as many members of the male student body as possible. Not only was this evident in the intramural athletic and recreation program, but it has also been the practice of the institution to offer a wide number of intercollegiate sports. At the conclusion of the 1972-1973 school year, Milligan College's intercollegiate athletic program consisted of seven activities: baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, cross-country, wrestling, and track.

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Dissertation - unrestricted