Degree Name

EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

Date of Award

May 1986


The problem of this study was to determine the growth and development of the community education program in North Carolina and to determine if this development was reflected by public awareness and response to the program. In reviewing the literature and searching manuals of survey instruments, a questionnaire was not found which would answer the specific questions necessary for the study. A questionnaire was designed and field tested utilizing graduate students and participants in a community education workshop sponsored by National Center for Community Education from Flint, Michigan. The validation was completed by leading authorities in the field of community education and community schools. Demographic data and information for comparing the program at the present time to the second year after the program was established by the North Carolina Legislature in 1977 were collected. The 11 hypotheses were stated in null format. The comparison data pertained to numbers of programs, numbers of participants, numbers of full-time and part-time director/coordinators, utilization of volunteers, recruiting of instructors, efficiency of the advisory committees, and developing of public awareness. The information requested in the demographic survey included the age, sex, formal preparation, initial certification, length of time employed in current position, type of community being served, and the percent of work time given to community education task. They were also asked to list responsibilities and, if hired part-time, to give their title in the public school system. All director/coordinators in North Carolina were included in the study and were surveyed for pertinent information. A 73% return was obtained. The analyses of those data were presented in both tabular and narrative form.

Document Type

Dissertation - unrestricted