Degree Name

EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

Date of Award

August 1980


The purpose of this study was to collect data for examination and analysis of school vandalism and to provide a way for better understanding of the problem by examining the various contributors. The purpose of this study was to seek answers to the following: (1) items employed in schools to lessen vandalism, (2) attitudes of school principals concerning vandalism prevention, (3) dollar estimates of vandalism, (4) student absenteeism, and (5) teacher absenteeism. The data for the study were collected by using a three-part instrument. Part one included the questions related to the physical plant characteristics of the survey. The characteristics were selected on the basis of: (1) findings of previous studies, and (2) the judgment of the investigator. Part two included 13 items concerning the principal's opinion of the effectiveness of certain factors related to preventing vandalism. These factors were among those reviewed in the literature. Part three of the survey instrument contained four questions concerning costs and absenteeism. According to the findings of the study, no individual principal reported 100% of the items to lessen vandalism. No record keeping system existed for monitoring vandalism in the schools. The literature offered various ways for dealing with the problem of vandalism in the schools. Opinions of principals concerning vandalism varied with strong support shown for board policy action and internal security devices. The total assessed cost of vandalism was given by those principals responding to approach a million dollars for one school year, which would yield an average of $14,476.68 per school. The percentage of non-tenured teachers in the schools ranged between 15% and 25% of the teachers in the schools surveyed, with an average of 14.7%. The rate of absenteeism among teachers in the schools was lower (3.8%) than that of the students (7.1%) and was consistent with the findings in the literature.

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Dissertation - unrestricted