Degree Name

EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

Date of Award

December 1993


The purpose of this study was to determine the differences between selected state capital maintenance models and the model used in Tennessee. Research questions addressed the differences between the other selected models and the Tennessee model; the quantitative results of the models using data collected from the 14 Tennessee public two-year colleges, and the policy issue differences of the selected models. Research involved gathering information for each specific selected model including common factors used to calculate capital maintenance needs. Comparisons were made of the major components of each model. Actual data from the 14 Tennessee public two-year colleges was incorporated into each model. The quantitative results were then compared. Research also revealed policy issue differences between the selected models. These differences were examined. Results of this study included suggestions for enhancements to the Tennessee model which would provide more equitable funding of capital maintenance needs for each institution. Other suggestions and conclusions included the development of specific training and guidelines for the proper completion of model calculations. It was also suggested that an awareness campaign be initiated to strengthen the funding authority's commitment to the capital maintenance problem.

Document Type

Dissertation - unrestricted