Degree Name

EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

Date of Award

December 1988


The problem of this study was to compare perceived training needs of public school administrators at two points in time and to analyze those needs as to age, sex, educational degree, and experience of respondents. The survey population consisted of public school principals in the 14 systems of the First Educational District in Northeast Tennessee. A descriptive research design was chosen for the study. A follow-up questionnaire was developed based on the 1986 Brown Survey which surveyed the same population for demographic and professional characteristics in addition to the perceived training needs of principals, superintendents, and school board members. Respondents prioritized training needs from most beneficial to least beneficial. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used in answering five research questions which directed the study. The statistical analyses revealed the following: perceived training needs remained stable during the 2 year period, clusters of training needs consistently appeared in the top five and bottom five interest areas, and various approaches were utilized by First Educational District principals to address their perceived training needs. Curriculum and Instruction was identified by all groups of respondents as their top priority for additional training, indicating a recognition of need for more training in the fundamentals of teaching and learning. Others included in the top five training needs were Staff Evaluation, Leadership, Staff Development, and Effective Schools. Those consistently reported in the bottom five training needs included Organizational Governance, Organizational Communication, Law/Policy, Budget, and Problem Solving. The results of this study should prove useful to institutions of higher education in planning programs and courses of study for school administrators. An abundance of opportunities exists to provide much needed advanced training for principals in Northeast Tennessee.

Document Type

Dissertation - unrestricted