Degree Name

EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

Date of Award

May 1992


The purpose of this study was to analyze current practices in the revitalization of school buildings and assimilate data that can be used by school administrators to make informed decisions about the revitalization of school facilities. Through a review of literature, elements for planning the revitalization of school facilities were identified and analyzed. These elements were included in an interview guide used during on-site visits to selected revitalized schools. Nine schools renovated since 1985 in Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina were chosen to participate in the study. The treatment of data was reported around the use of identified elements of planning for renovating school buildings. Data from the schools were divided by states to make comparisons. The study indicated that structural soundness, program support, site, and cost are four areas of concern when planning for the revitalization of a school. The specific planning elements included the development of educational specifications; attention to site condition; consideration of playground areas; importance of the exterior appearance of school buildings; space utilization; condition of mechanical and electrical systems; importance of energy efficiency, development of barrier free environments, treatment of thermal environments; consideration of acoustics; management of visual environments; selection of furniture and equipment; and attention to aesthetics. As a result of the findings of this study, the following conclusions were drawn: (1) Planning for the revitalization of school buildings differs from one school to another even when the schools are in the same system. (2) States do not employ facility planners to help school systems revitalize their school buildings. (3) Many school administrators do not know how to assess the condition of the schools in their districts. (4) Administrators and other individuals involved in revitalizing school facilities want more information on how to systematically plan for the modernization of school buildings.

Document Type

Dissertation - unrestricted