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EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

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Dr. Virginia Foley

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Dr. Cecil Blankenship, Dr. William Flora, and Dr. Pamela Scott


This study was designed to evaluate the perceptions of novice and veteran teachers’ level of stress and their attitudes toward their profession. Stress may be caused by many different factors. Work related stress is common amongst many people in the work force. In education stress is endured, in some cases on a daily basis. There are many demands put on teachers to ensure student learning. These demands can cause an overwhelming amount of stress for teachers. This stress can have a positive or negative impact on teachers’ attitude toward their profession.

The qualitative research method is the method that was used in this study. Qualitative research provides an opportunity for the researcher to have an individual interaction with participants. Interviews and focus groups were used to collect data. Twelve elementary teachers in Northeast Tennessee were interviewed. Of the 12 teachers who were interviewed, novice and veteran elementary teachers in Kindergarten through fourth grades participated in this study.

During data analysis, 9 themes were identified. These themes were (a) resources, (b) testing, (c) lack of time, (d) changes in curriculum, (e) relationships with coworkers, (f) internet sources and technology, (g) school community and culture, (h) personal life, and (i) job satisfaction.

Based on the research the following conclusions were presented. Some of the most common stressors among teachers are evaluations, paperwork, testing, and students’ academic and behavioral needs. Positive relationships with other teachers and staff members within a school are important throughout the school year. Support from school and district administrators is very much needed and appreciated in order to retain teachers. Providing support and encouragement for teachers could be beneficial to schools and school districts. Recommendations from this study’s findings may assist school districts and administrators in retaining teachers and supporting them in their profession.

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Dissertation - unrestricted


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