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MS (Master of Science)



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Cassandra T. Eagle

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Aleksey Vasiliev, Marina Roginskaya


β-glucan is a major component of the fungal cell wall consisting of (1→3)-β linked glucose polymers with (1→6)-β linked side chains. The published classical isolation procedure of β-glucan from Saccharomyces cerevisiae is expensive and time-consuming. Thus, the aim of this research was to develop an effective procedure for the extraction of glucans. We have developed a new method for glucan extraction that will be cost effective and will maintain the native structure of the glucan. The method that we developed is 80% faster and utilizes 1/3 of the reagents compared to the published classical method. Further, the method developed increases the yield from 2.9 % to 10.3 %. Our new process has a branching frequency of 18.4 down from 197 and a side chain of 5.1 up from 2.5. The data indicate a more preserved native structure of isolated glucans.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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