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MALS (Master of Arts in Liberal Studies)


Liberal Studies

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Committee Chair or Co-Chairs

Jill Leroy-Frazier

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Daniel Newcomer, Theresa Lloyd


This thesis examines ways in which rural mountain women of Andean Peru and southern Appalachia use their lived histories and food knowledge in ways that counter Cartesian epistemologies regarding national and international food systems. Using women’s fiction and cookbooks, this thesis examines how voice and narrative reclaim women’s spaces within food landscapes. Further, this thesis examines women’s non-profits and grassroots organizations to illustrate the ways in which rural mountain women expand upon their lived histories in ways that contribute to tangible solutions to poverty and hunger in rural mountainous communities. The primary objective of this thesis is to recover rural mountain women’s voices in relation to food culture and examine how their food knowledge contributes to improving local food policy and reducing hunger in frontline communities.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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