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MS (Master of Science)



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Bert Lampson

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Eric Mustain, Foster Levy


Streptomyces are known to produce a large variety of antibiotics and other bioactive compounds with remarkable industrial importance. Streptomyces sp. COUK1 was found as a contaminant on a plate in which Rhodococcus erythropolis was used as a test strain in a disk diffusion assay and produced a zone of inhibition against the cultured R. erythropolis. The identity of the contaminant was confirmed as Streptomyces through 16S rRNA sequencing. This Streptomyces produces a strong inhibitory compound in different growth media. A culture extract from inorganic salts starch agar was found to be very active; producing a large zone of inhibition against several Gram positive and Gram negative test strains. The active molecules in this extract have been detected via TLC and bioautography. The difference in the antibacterial activity and chromatographic properties of extracts recovered from different growth media suggests that this Streptomyces strain could produce more than one type of inhibitory compound.

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