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MS (Master of Science)



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Dhirendra Kumar

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Aruna Kilaru, Christopher Prittchett


Salicylic Acid Binding Protein2 (SABP2) is an enzyme known to play important role in SA mediated pathway. SBIP-428 (SABP2 Interacting Protein-428), a SIR2 like deacetylase, has been found to interact with SABP2. We demonstrate that SBIP-428 functions as a Sirtuin deacetylase. We show that SBIP-428 itself is lysine acetylated. Interactions of a SBIP-428 with SABP2 also raised the possibility of SABP2 itself being lysine acetylated. The recombinant purified SABP2 or native partially purified SABP2 displayed no acetylation. In response to TMV infection, the expression of SBIP-428 was down regulated at 48 hpi. In addition, SBIP-428 was up regulated in plant known to accumulate less SA. Taken together expression of SBIP-428 is negatively correlated to the levels of SA in plants. The AtSRT2 plants exhibit no altered growth phenotype but exhibit a higher pathogen resistance against bacterial pathogen. Our results indicate that SBIP-428 is an important regulator in plant defense pathway.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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