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EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

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Committee Chair or Co-Chairs

Donald W. Good

Committee Members

James H. Lampley, Jasmine R. Renner, Allan D. Spritzer


The purpose of the quantitative study was to analyze the staffing patterns, organizational structures, funding resources, practice of resource allocation, technology use, size of alumni population, size of institution enrollment, and age of the institutions at senior public colleges and universities in the southeastern United States. These institutions were derived from the membership of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education [CASE] during the academic years 2010-2012 in the United States District III region, generally the Southeast to lower Mid-Atlantic states. The study was further limited to public, comprehensive institutions as determined by the Carnegie Classification system. Data were collected through an online internet survey to test 11 research questions and gather demographic information relevant to the study. Of the 100 potential institutions for response, 16 completed surveys were received. The overall results of the tests reflect that 3 of the 11 results were statistically significant. Specifically, resource allocation scores were significantly higher than funding resource scores. Also there were strong positive correlations between technology use and age of institution and between size of alumni and the size of the institution.

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Dissertation - unrestricted


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