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MS (Master of Science)


Clinical Nutrition

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Michelle Lee

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Elizabeth Lowe, Eileen Cress


Obesity among children is a public health concern. Preschool-­‐aged children, especially those from low-­‐income families, are no exception to the obesity epidemic. During the RD Parent Empowerment Program, parents of Head Start children in Johnson City, TN completed a structured education program over the course of 4 workshops related to healthy habits of families. The goal was to empower parents to shop smart, cook healthy, and eat right. The Family Nutrition and Physical Activity (FNPA) screening tool was used as an assessment tool to evaluate behavior change over the course of the program. Improvement in overall FNPA score was seen at the conclusion of the program. Individual assessment of breakfast consumption, family meal patterns, fruit and vegetable intake, beverage choices, and restriction occurred. Participation in the RD Parent Empowerment Program resulted in maintaining healthy behaviors or improved behaviors for many participants. A larger sample may provide more conclusive results.

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