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MS (Master of Science)



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Keith V. Johnson

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Andrew J. Czuchry, Joseph P. Sims, Mohammad M. Uddin


The study is an investigation of the sustainability of agriculture in Nigeria using Rubber as case study. Edo and Abia states were sampled for the study with 300 questionnaires administered in 10 communities among rubber farmers. The study is an investigation of the socio-demographic distribution of the rubber farmers, perception of rubber farmers, and influence of government activities. Sources of information and the data were cumulated for Nigeria as a whole. The data were analyzed using statistical analysis.

Findings indicated the distribution of rubber farmers on socio-demographic distribution, sources of funds, and the effects on agricultural sustainability in Nigeria. Farmers’ reaction to government activities and recommendations were stated alongside the challenges encountered by the farmers and were analyzed.

concluded that provision of funds, basic infrastructural facilities, government increased participation, restructuring laws and policies relating to agriculture and provision of information on improved agricultural technology are needed for agricultural sustainability in Nigeria.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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