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MS (Master of Science)



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Nancy L. Nehring

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Michael Marchioni, Andrew Clark


As generations segment and separate by distance and relationships, the chapel, school, and cemetery in what was known as the Saunders Chapel Community in Hawkins County, Tennessee, becomes a unifying bond to its descendents. This study records Saunders School history as an established central archive and uses the history for a restoration proposal. Saunders history, like all social and cultural history, exists as coalesced fragments. In the hope of deriving proof of the past, each entity and event is brought together so they might illuminate another. The story of Saunders Chapel will continue to grow and live on through the decedents, the site, and their history. The lives and faith that created the community has been brought to present light to insure the descendents of Saunders Chapel a place to keep coming home to.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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