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MS (Master of Science)



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Foster Levy

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Cecilia A. McIntosh, Timothy D. McDowell


Sciadopitys verticillata was subjected to three propagation treatments designed to inhibit coagulation of its latex-like sap at the cut ends of the stem cuttings. Twenty-four hour soaking in water prior to rooting hormone application significantly enhanced production of adventitious roots. Old wood stem cuttings from shade-grown trees rooted at higher proportions than stem cuttings collected from sun-grown trees. Height, age, and place of origin of the source trees were not important factors in successful rooting. Antibacterial activity against some human pathogens and soil bacterial species was detected in latex application trials but the antibiotic activity was not related to the bacterial Gram reaction. The latex-like sap inhibited none of four plant pathogens tested. A suspension of the water insoluble latex-like sap of S. verticillata had a pH of 5.8. Antibacterial activity of S. verticillata sap was heat stable, which indicates the activity was not protein-based.

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