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EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

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Louise L. MacKay

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Terrence A. Tollefson, Jasmine R. Renner, Elizabeth Ralston


Researchers have identified the transition from middle to high school as a critical point in teenagers' educational development. Despite sweeping educational reforms, many students are leaving high school without graduating. Local school districts are struggling to redesign high schools to provide the educational programs necessary for at-risk students' success. Creating smaller learning communities and developing transition programs have shown success in addressing these problems.

Sustained research shows promise in minimizing the effects of the transition process and adds to the body of knowledge.

A case study approach using archival data was used to explore the differences in three Bearcat "PRIDE" treatment groups and their 8th (pre-treatment) and 9th (post-treatment) grade measures.

Results of this study suggested students who participated in the Bearcat "PRIDE" program showed greater success in academic performance, reduced disciplinary actions, increased school attendance, and participation in extra-curricular activities of their 8th (pre-treatment) and 9th (post-treatment) grade measures.

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Dissertation - unrestricted


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