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MA (Master of Arts)



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Dale J. Schmitt

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Andrew L. Slap, Stephen G Fritz


Gouverneur Morris had an influence on the foreign policy of the Washington administration. This thesis will be focusing Morris' career as foreign minister to France. Morris served as the American minister to France during the French Revolution and reported to the Washington Administration on the events that transpired during that event. This thesis intends to show what impact Gouverneur Morris had in keeping the Washington administration neutral during this tumultuous time from his own point of view and various others with whom he corresponded with during his time as minister, most notably, George Washington.

Morris' private diaries and letters will be used to show the information that Morris was relaying to Washington during the revolution. Along with this, Washington's diaries and letters will show how that information influenced his decision on how to pursue a foreign policy in regards to Europe, in particular France.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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