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MS (Master of Science)



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W. Andrew Clark

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Andrew Czuchry, Nancy L. Nehring


Use of positive distraction in the built healthcare environment to assist in alleviating stress in a patient was investigated. A backlit light image was mounted in the ceiling of an examination room to create a positive distraction for patients in the ETSU Pediatric Clinic in Johnson City, TN. Survey instruments were used to collect sample data from patients and physicians in a randomized, balanced controlled study designed to determine if patients experienced less stress in the room with the backlit image as compared to other rooms (treatments). Although a statistical difference was not determined between the room with the backlit image and positive and negative control rooms, patients in rooms containing nature art tended to exhibit less anxiety. Researched based knowledge for creating positive distractions in the built healthcare environment helps designers create environments that benefit the patients, their families and medical staff of healthcare facilities.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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