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EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

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Eric S. Glover

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Rhona Hurwitz, Kathryn K. Franklin, James H. Lampley


The intent of this qualitative research was to learn from teachers and parents: to hear from teachers what they truly needed in the school with regard to parent involvement and to hear from parents the ways in which schools could extend a more effective welcome and the types of activities in which they were most willing to participate.

This qualitative study was conducted using interviews of parents and teachers from Title I elementary schools. The parents were interviewed to gain their perceptions of parent involvement and how effectively the school communicates parent involvement needs. Teachers were interviewed to determine their perceptions of parent involvement and what types of involvement they would prefer from parents.

During data analysis, several themes emerged forming constructs for the researcher's organizational framework. The following constructs: (a) culture, (b) perception, (c) communication, (d) insight, (e) appreciation, (f) commitment, (g) motivations, (h) opportunity, (i) dedication, (j) the greater good, and (k) education served as a basis for the ordering of data findings developing recommendations.

Based on the research the following conclusions were presented. Most teachers and parent volunteers greatly valued and wanted to work for the betterment of both the individual student and the school and desired an increase in parent volunteer experiences and contributions. Teachers wanted to be respected and recognized as true professionals and parent volunteers wanted to be respected and recognized as caring parents and integral players in school and student success.

Recommendations from study findings may help teachers and school leaders build more effective and productive relationships with parents by strengthening the home-school connection and contributing to increased student success. In addition, parent volunteers may also gain a better understanding of teacher needs and expectations that could further strengthen home-school relations.

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Dissertation - unrestricted


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