Degree Name

MFA (Master of Fine Arts)



Date of Award


Committee Chair or Co-Chairs

Mira S. Gerard

Committee Members

Catherine A. Murray, Patricia Mink


The artist discusses her Master of Fine Arts exhibition, Inside, Outside, In-Between, held at the Carroll Reece Museum on the campus of East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee, from February 26 through March 13, 2008. The works included in this exhibition are a collection of paintings that employ the use of traditional and non-traditional materials to explore the connections between place and memory.

These pieces are investigations into materiality and process, combining local beeswax, sticks, garden soil, charcoal, and ashes together with oil, shellac, oil pastel, pencil, and other traditional artist's materials.

Ideas discussed include materiality, process, composition, cropping, collective and selective memory, landmarks, archaeology, gardening, borders and boundaries, parietal Paleolithic art and the art of the Abstract Expressionists, ritual, alchemy, time, liminality, and the influences of Michelle Stuart, Mary Frank, and Cai Guo-Qiang.

Document Type

Thesis - unrestricted


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