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Daniel Newcomer, Stephen G Fritz, William Douglas Burgess Jr.


John Dewey was America's foremost authority on many of the critical issues in the twentieth century. Dewey dedicated his professional career as an expert on the major branches of philosophy.

A neglected aspect of Dewey's philosophy is his writings on historiography, the philosophy of history, and his influence on American historians. Dewey affected several generations of historians from the Progressive historians to the practical realists of today.

This study evaluates Dewey's pragmatism as a legitimate strain in American historiography. James Harvey Robinson and Charles Beard claimed Dewey as an influence. Later historians such as Richard Hofstadter and Joyce Appleby insist his methods make for more responsible-minded historians.

There is enough material from American historians to assert that Dewey and Deweyan pragmatism influenced and still impacts historians into the twenty-first century.

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