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MS (Master of Science)



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W. Andrew Clark

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Craig A. Turner, Andrew Czuchry


Good grapes are required to make good wine. Quality wines start in quality vineyards. Vineyard design, installation, and operation, including site location, trellis options, vine selection, and canopy management, along with when to harvest are discussed. While winemaking is the final phase in the pursuit of the winemaker's passion, it is but a simple formula. The beginning of a good wine is in a good vineyard. This study includes a financial projection for a 10-acre vineyard as well as for starting an onsite, complementary sized winery. Even though many small-to-medium vineyards-to-wineries have started over the last decade, the reason to enter into this type of business is not profit, but passion. Profits are relatively small for the time and labor investment, but the unique wine creations that result are amazing, for the winemaker and the one who enjoys the result.

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