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MPH (Master of Public Health)


Public Health

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Tiejian Wu

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Xuefeng Liu, Kesheng Wang


This study examined the longitudinal associations of family income level, maternal marital status, and maternal employment with body mass measurements and the development of overweight and obesity. Multiple linear and logistic regressions were used to assess the effects of the exposure variables on weight status with simultaneous adjustment for the exposure variables and the covariates. Key findings include: Children in families with incomes below the poverty line at child's 24 or 54 months of age were at a higher risk of becoming overweight and obese at child's third grade than children in families with incomes above the poverty line; longer maternal working hours at child's 54 months of age was associated with an increased risk of overweight and obesity at child's third grade. In conclusion, this study confirms that family poverty status and maternal working hours are associated with child's overweight and obesity risk.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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