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MA (Master of Arts)


Communication, Professional

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Karen Brewster

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Cher Cornett, Cara Harker


This paper's objective is to document the research and developmental processes of creating East Tennessee State University's Spring Dance Concert 2012 costume designs and renderings. This thesis describes design creation from research stage to idea formulation to the conception of costumes using inspirational images, illustrations, and performance photos and videos. The show was a challenging undertaking because it involved the collaboration of many in a compressed timeframe: 1 artistic director, 9 choreographers, 20 dances, 46 performers, 10 lighting designers, 1 costume designer, and 3 weeks to put it all together. Incorporating digital technology into the rendering process saved time, expenses, and helped clarify the designer's choices. This paper reflects the 2-year study of incorporating digital technology into the rendering process, culminating in the costume design for the Spring Dance Concert 2012.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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