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MA (Master of Arts)


Communication, Professional

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Carrie Oliveira

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Shara Lange, C. Wesley Buerkle II


Pick-up lines are a "ritual that tries to turn strangers into lovers" (Murray, 1985, p.17). By studying how pick-up lines are perceived by the population, we might learn how the phenomenon of short- or long-term mating is initiated. By taking into account mating strategies, mate value, attractiveness, and flirting strategies, a pattern of behaviors and reactions may be observed. This study examines perceived pick-up line appropriateness and effectiveness when the attractiveness of the man delivering them varies. To test the effectiveness of 2 different types of pick-up lines, an online survey featuring 1 of 4 videos was administered. Results indicated that a humorous pick-up line was perceived as more effective and favorable than a slightly insulting one. An attractive man was perceived to be more communicatively competent than an unattractive man. Men, regardless of attractiveness, were perceived as more socially attractive when using a humorous pick-up line.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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