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MS (Master of Science)



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J. Paul Sims

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Garth Ghearing, William K. Hemphill


The purpose of this developmental project was to design and fabricate a vertical reciprocating conveyor in order to eliminate the process of manually carrying 27 pound containers of plastic resin up and down a flight of offset space saver stairs. This project took place and was built for Phoenix Closures Incorporated. The conveyor was designed and built in house because there are no commercially available vertical reciprocating conveyors available that meet the necessary requirements.

The capabilities of the proposed vertical reciprocating conveyor are not limited to the carrying of the containers but designed to carry vacuum cleaners, tool boxes, and spare parts to the mezzanine. The vertical reciprocating conveyor is designed for a greater capacity then the 27 pounds the container of plastic resin weighs, but the safety systems are not designed in a way that would allow the conveyor to lift a greater amount of weight.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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