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MA (Master of Arts)



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Henry J. Antikiewicz

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Dale J. Schmitt, William Douglas Burgess Jr.


This thesis sets out to demonstrate the role of Western missionaries and Korean Christians, especially Protestants, on Korean nationalism. The first significant introduction of Protestantism into Korea came in 1884. Within just over thirty years, the Protestant Church in Korea expanded and many of the nationalist leaders took active roles in the Korean nationalist movement against Japanese imperialism. This thesis consults both Western and Korean primary sources including period newspapers. Some of the Korean primary sources were translated from Korean into English and others were originally written in English by Koreans. Also consulted are many valuable secondary sources which help further shed light on the subject at hand and give credence to the thesis. Chapters 2-4 show the direct contributions of Western missionaries to Korean nationalism and Chapters 5-7 show the indirect contributions of Western missionaries by the direct involvement of Korean Christians in their fight for independence against the old Korean order and Japan.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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