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EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

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Virginia P. Foley

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Pamela H. Scott, Lori Meier, Catherine H. Glascock


This qualitative study examined high school counselors' perceptions of postsecondary transition services to students with specific learning disabilities. Seven high school counselors in the Unnamed County Schools were interviewed to examine their perceptions of postsecondary transition services to students with specific learning disabilities. Categories that involved school counselor's perceptions of the provision of postsecondary transition services for students with learning disabilities emerged from the data. These themes were as follows: 1) plan of study for postsecondary goals based on vocational assessments, 2) assistance provided to prepare for college or work, 3) duties of counselors and involvement in the transition process, and 4) the IEP team, postsecondary goals, and self-advocacy of accommodation needs. There was also an area of other findings that was noted but was not identified as a theme. This other findings involved a participant's postsecondary personal vocational experience.

Participants reported transition assessments that were administered to students with learning disabilities to determine career interests and strengths. Participants also discussed how transition services were included in the plan of study and career goals. Participants indicated that the School-to-Work program has helped students with learning disabilities work within the city and gain experiences in their area of interest. Additionally, participants suggested that students with learning disabilities have attended Career Technology Education (CTE) classes that provided a strong connection with the community and businesses. Participants spoke about their depth of knowledge on courses, scheduling, colleges' admission standards, and the employment process for all students. Participants also indicated that they have supplied information for the postsecondary transition service plans for students with disabilities at IEP meetings. Findings from this study may have encouraged high school counselors to expand their practice and perform at an enhanced level when helping students with special needs go to college, get a job, and succeed in life.

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Dissertation - unrestricted


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