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MA (Master of Arts)



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Ginette C. Blackhart

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Stacey L. Williams, Christopher S. Dula


Self-control enables people to make decisions that can promote overall well-being. Such decisions include refraining from overeating or the decision to motivate individuals to persevere when faced with difficulties. The purpose of this study was to determine if not requiring the expenditure of self-control and boosting self-esteem would enable participants to persist longer at a task designed to measure self-control than participants who were required to expend self-control and received an ego threat. No significant main effects were found for self-control manipulations, F (1, 223) = .54, p = .46, or for self-esteem manipulations, F (1, 223) = .01, p = .91. No significant interaction effects were found. F(3, 219) = .785, p =.503.

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Thesis - Open Access


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