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EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

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Catherine Glascock

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Virginia Foley, Elizabeth Ralston, Pamela Scott


This qualitative study examined how students at Science Hill High Alternative Center (AC) perceived their academic success. Eighteen alumni from Science Hill High School Alternative Center were interviewed to examine their perceptions of their success. Choosing 2 alumni to represent each of the 9 programs represented at the AC provided perceptions of 3 emerging themes: (a) relationships, (b) diversity of programs, and (c) personal growth. There were other findings that were noted but not identified as a theme. Other findings involved alumni wanting to reminisce about incidents that occurred and reflect on peers who were in attendance with them at the center. Some alumni who attended programs other than Graduate On Time (GOT) discussed the need for a graduation component through the Alternative Center. Some said that returning to the main campus was not in their best interest and sabotaged their success in order to remain at the AC, while other alumni strived to return to the main campus as soon as they had met their academic goals. In relating their initial thoughts about attending the Alternative Center for the first time, many had mixed feelings: (a) they did not want to be separated from friends, (b) would they be successful, (c) who really cared if they came to school and were successful, and (d) would they really get to return to the main campus as soon as they met their goals. Additionally, alumni suggested that students be allowed to stay at the Alternative Center (AC) if it helped them to be better prepared for the workforce or college. Alumni who spoke about their success said they were better prepared than their peers for college admissions standards, work ethics, and the employment process in general.

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