Degree Name

MALS (Master of Arts in Liberal Studies)



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Committee Chair or Co-Chairs

Ralph D. Slatton

Committee Members

Richard E. Osborn, Judith Hammond


Project Senior Art was conceived in answer to the growing need for worthwhile directed activities in our community senior centers and to provide valuable community-based learning experiences for university art students. This intergenerational program recognizes the unique intellectual abilities of older adults and meets the educational needs of senior participants and college art students, providing both creative opportunities for personal growth. Fundamental to the successful development and implementation of the program, and the focus of this study, is ascertaining the experiential art and crafts preferences of the targeted senior adult population. Personal interviews, focus group discussions, and a survey instrument were used to secure the information necessary to plan experiential art activities, recruit student facilitators, and provide the core course content. A high interest in traditional and nontraditional art activities was expressed, with senior adults citing photography, painting, and memory book making as the most preferred media.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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