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Analysis of Tweets Mentioning Scholarly Works from an Institutional Repository, Ashley D.R. Sergiadis (2018)


A Way to Reach All of Your Students: The Course Management System, Leslie Adebonojo (2011)


Baby Boomers in the Brave New Academic Library, Kathy Campbell and Leslie Adebonojo (2014)


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How IT Continuing Education Has Transformed Our Library, Mark Ellis, Leslie Adebonojo, and Kathy A. Campbell (2012)


Job Hunting: One Experience, Joanna M. Anderson (2012)


Libguides to the Rescue: The Cure for the Same Old Boring Papers, Leslie Adebonojo and Kathy Campbell (2016)


Civil Disobedience in Global Perspective: Decency and Dissent over Borders, Inequities, and Government Secrecy, Michael Allen

Book Contributions


Why Go Mobile?, Mark Ellis, Leslie Adebonojo, and Kathy Campbell (2013)


Best Practices for Embedded Librarians: Strategies for Successful Online Library Services, Joanna M. Anderson, Sandra Lee Hawes, Farzaneh Razzaghi, and Johanna Tunon (2012)


Boosting Boot Camp: Embedded Librarians Coach Students to Graduation Finish Line!, Wendy Doucette and Joanna Anderson (2016)


Current Trends in Altmetrics, Ashley Lowery (2017)

Discover the New Adult Trend and Capture 18-24 Readers' Attention, Joanna M. Anderson and Brooke Lyon (2017)

Distance Education and InterLibrary Loan Services in Student Success: Allies in the Library, Joanna M. Anderson and Alison DePollo (2012)

Embedded Librarianship: A Conversation About What Works in Class, Joanna M. Anderson, Amy Lippo, Janine Pino, and Laura Sheets (2016)

Embedding Student Support into Boot Camp: Research, Citation and Data Management at the Point-of-Need and Beyond, Wendy Doucette and Joanna Anderson (2015)

Gaming in Library Instruction, Joanna M. Anderson (2014)


Getting Started with DOIs in the Institutional Repository, Ashley Lowery (2017)

Instant, Easy, Free Cloud Computing With Google and Microsoft 365, Joanna M. Anderson and Wendy Doucette (2017)

Make Them Get Their Heads in the Clouds: Is it Worth Teaching Digital Natives the Importance of Cloud Based Technology?, Joanna M. Anderson (2016)

Making the Connection: Connecting Children to Books through Multimedia, Joanna M. Anderson, Deborah Parrott, and Renee Lyons (2013)

Nontraditional Students Need Academic Libraries Too, Kathy Campbell and Leslie Adebonojo (2014)


Not Enough Cooks in the Kitchen: Balancing Quality and Speed in Services, Travis Clamon, Ashley Sergiadis, and Jennifer Young (2018)

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Power Up the Connection: Multimedia Resources to Engage All Readers, Deborah Johns Parrott, Joanna Anderson, and Renee Lyons (2015)

Start Where They Are: Google and Google Scholar, a Gateway to Database, Joanna M. Anderson (2012)

Stop, Innovate, and Listen: Librarian and Faculty in Collaboration, Joanna M. Anderson (2015)


Sustaining Workflows and Budget: Using Zotero, SHERPA/RoMEO, and Unpaywall to Input Faculty Works, Ashley D.R. Sergiadis and Ethan Reynolds (2018)

They’ve Already Come (Now We Need to Build It): Constructing a First-Year Experience for Graduate Students, Wendy Doucette and Joanna Anderson (2016)


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You Can View the Tweets!: Content Analysis of Tweets Mentioning Works in an Institutional Repository, Ashley Lowery (2017)


Book Review of Camp Redemption​, by Raymond L. Atkins, Joanna M. Anderson (2013)


Book Review of The Last Billion Years: A Geologic History of Tennessee​, by D. W. Byerly, Joanna M. Anderson (2015)


Book Review of ​The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture Volume 19: Violence​ . Ed, by Amy Louise Wood, Joanna M. Anderson (2014)


Book Review of Up from These Hills: Memories Anderson of a Cherokee Boyhood, by Leonard Carson Lambert, Jr., as told to Michael Lamber, Joanna M. Anderson (2012)


Book Review of Woody Plants of Kentucky and Tennessee: The Complete Winter Guide to Their Identification and Use, ​ by Jones, Ronald L. and B. Eugene Wofford, Joanna M. Anderson (2014)