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Alternative Top Bracing

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Summer 7-22-2022


This electronic document file set consists of an overview presentation (PDF-formatted) file and companion video (MP4) and CADD files (DWG & DXF) for laser cutting the ETSU-developed alternate top bracing designs and marking templates for the STEM Guitar Project’s BBT (OM-sized) standard acoustic guitar kit. The three (3) alternative BBT top bracing designs in this release are
(a) a one-piece base for the standard kit's (Martin-style) bracing,
(b) 277 Ladder-style bracing, and
(c) an X-braced fan-style bracing similar to traditional European or so-called 'classical' acoustic guitars.

The CADD data set for each of the three (3) top bracing designs includes
(a) a nominal 24" x 18" x 3mm (0.118") Baltic birch plywood laser layout of
(1) the one-piece base with slots,
(2) pre-radiused and pre-scalloped vertical braces with tabs to ensure proper orientation and alignment, and
(3) various gages and jigs and
(b) a nominal 15" x 20" marking template.

The 'provided as is" CADD data is formatted for use on a Universal Laser Systems (ULS) laser cutter digital (CNC) device. Each CADD drawing is also provided in two (2) formats: Autodesk AutoCAD 2007 .DWG and .DXF R12. Users should modify and adapt the CADD data as required to fit their equipment. This CADD data set is released and distributed under a Creative Commons license; users are also encouraged to make changes o the data and share (with attribution) their designs with the worldwide acoustic guitar building community.

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