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Emily Price

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Emily Price [Editor’s Note]; Micheal Bumgarner [Artist’s Statement]; Emrie Gilbert [“The Sins of the Fathers Visited upon the Children,” or How I Lived More-or-Less Openly Queer in the Southern Baptist Church]; Korbin Rhue [Playing Gods: An Aspiring Author’s Guide to Creating a Fantasy World That Feels Real to Your Readers]; Kylee Phalen [Prodigal Daughter: A Queer Christian’s Open Letter to the Church]; Ethan Walker [Hit]; Wendy Gourley [Seeing in the Dark]; Elias Murphy [Who I Am]; Andy Demczuk [Lesdiguières]; Amara Bunten [Method Acting]; Sappho Stanley [Like a Bosch]; Wendy Gourley [Butterflies]; Courtney Harvey [roolF eht no sI gniR ehThe Ring Is on the Sink]; Michelle Bravender [Forgotten Magic]; Emily Katt [The Moon-Eyed People]; Phi Hagelberg [Honeysuckle]; AQ Hanna [love, again]; Emma Sheedlo [corrosion]; Hannah Smith [Metacarpal Melancholy]; Hannah Smith [My Mother's Blessing]; Holly Todaro [A Witness, a Testimony]; Sappho Stanley [To the Dried McDonald's Fry in my Bag]; Andy Demczuk [AR for the Ears™]; Phi Hagelberg [a shell-shaped brain]; Phi Hagelberg [where I go when I masturbate]; Phi Hagelberg [A Year or Two Ago]; Chloe Philpot [blessing your hometown]; Chloe Philpot [I SEND MY CONDOLENCES TO THE SOUTH BUT LOVE IS SWEET AND I WANT TO TASTE IT]; Emrie Gilbert [Elegy for my Sibling]; Emrie Gilbert [grave-marker journey]; Emrie Gilbert [Hunter's Blessing]; Amara Bunten [her body is a graveyard]; Emily Katt [To Prepare]; Lilith Erbach [Eden: A Series of Haikus]; John Tipton [The Crash of a Wave]; Tuck Ledbetter [To Thomas Merton]; Tanner Linkous [Turning Off]; Tyler Wick [Late May 2014, the Day after a Storm]; Tyler Wick [An Act of Cleaning]; Tyler Wick [Everyone's Father Is a Carpenter]

The Mockingbird