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Tanner Linkous

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Matthew Powers [Uncle Ed]; Samantha Matney [The Secret Heart: A Memoir of My Grandfather Thurman Cooper’s Life]; Amara Bunten [Ode to Pudding Tane: A Life Well Lived and Poem to Commemorate It]; Amara Bunten [Storyteller]; Tuck Ledbetter [Autumn in Fall Branch, Tennessee]; Madison Stacey [Ultraviolet Thoughts]; Emily Wilson [Lover’s Quarrel]; Zoe Williford [they don’t like you when you’re sad]; AQ Hanna [half-lives]; Claire Webb [Bachata Songs]; Hannah Smith [A Comprehensive Study on Loneliness & the Tide]; Ethan Walker [the divine masculine]; Briana Presley [My Barbies are Disfigured, Not Dismembered]; Claire Webb [The Remnants of Julia Davis]; Kelsey Guy [Build Up, Break Down]; Tyler Wick [On Friends Both Dead and Dying]; Ethan Walker [Bodies Don't Sing], Tuck Ledbetter [Epistle]; Jonathan Stokely [A Thing Out of Place]; Camille Hagelberg [on not knowing]; Hannah Smith [Pavlov’s Lament]; Matthew Powers [Whitehackle]; Aly Puckett [Spookycorn]; Barbara Bell [Kimchi Pot with Lid]; Barbara Bell [Opossum]; Elijah Sells [Self Portrait with Bloody Nose]; Ethan Martinez [Eye]; Goreti Rodriguez [Copper Bug]; Kassidy Albert [Follow]; Kassidy Albert [Out of Bounds]; Kayla Byrd [Untitled]; Kristeen Beasey [Legend of Robert Johnson]; Laree McMurray [Who]; Laura Heath [Hare with Fork]; Lauren Whipple [The Killing of a Sacred Dear]; Rachel Belcher [Still Life with Game, Fruit]; Victoria Neal [Nautical Teacup]; Emma Sheedlo [Spiral]; Elias Murphy [My Gods are old]; Matthew Curry [Realm of Spirits]; Yanik Lazarov [THE CONTRACT]; Gabriel Davis [The Forgotten Dwarf]; Camille Hagelberg [a planet, a bluebird, a landscape]; Haley Jordan [ORCHIDS]; Haley Jordan [PRIVILEGE]; Tuck Ledbetter [Self-Portrait]; Emma Sheedlo [Citrinitas]; Emma Sheedlo [pansies and withered violets]; Tucker Jones [Willow on the Shore]; Claire Webb [Vincent’s Sunflowers]; Jonathan Stokely [Tulip Trees]; Jonathan Stokely [Outside the Holy City]; Tyler Wick [It is Just and Right to Steal Kombucha from Whole Foods]; Ethan Walker [Wind Down]; Abigail Wolfenbarger [Morning Dew]

The Mockingbird