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Kay H. Gregory

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Ben Addison [Alone with my Mind]; Dianne M. Brogden [Sterility Goddess]; Laura Brotbeck [Dawn]; Jan Burleson [I, too, was once a wave]; Michael Burnette [Untitled Photograph]; B. Games Burright [Untitled Photograph]; Barbara Games Burright [dancing; God, my faith will not he blind]; William L. Capshaw [Ebony Moham]; Christopher A. Carr [African Para-Para]; Gary Cawood [Untitled Photograph]; Doc "Crip" [II. From the Searcher]; Donald W. Dale [Retrospect; Time]; Marsha DeRosier [Childhood]; Eledean [The Immortal Miss Emily]; Sandra Garger [Spindle Top]; Marita Garin [Ballad of the Jesus Car]; Frank Greally [Easter 1916; Lower Manhattan 73]; Kay Gregory [Mockingbird]; Judy Harvey [The Soul is Similar; Can!]; Mary Hendrix [fly silken dancer; who is gonna watch after; one more harvest]; Edward Y. Hopkins [1971]; Cherryl Hylemon [Social Commitment]; Marcia Inzer [Sonnet]; Betty Jackson [Sonnets of Okinawa]; Frank Johnson [Untitled Photograph]; Stephen Kopok [and the dream left...]; Anne Lawing [Moving--Again; New Year's]; Jerry Leonard [the borderline bead house; There is no returning]; Sara Magee [Ducktown]; Janice McCaleb [American Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults]; William S. McFarland [Alone]; Joe Miller [Untitled Photograph]; Helen Moldovan [Requiem For Shadow Road Motel; Elephants]; Judy Morgan [Music is to the soul; The Book]; Eddie Neal [need]; Charles Palmer [Untitled Photograph]; Danny J. Plunkett [Untitled Photograph]; Danny Potter [A Comet Red]; Phil Reed [The Night Air; A Tear]; Sandy Reid [I believe in the forgiveness of sin; In the Chill Breath of Morning]; Garry Renfro [Untitled Photograph]; Donis E. Rice [Untitled Photograph]; Mary Beth Roth [The Cycle]; E.A. Von Schmitz [the paperback poet; Thank You Robert Heinlein];Cheryl Senter [Construction; The Room]; Jamie Smyth [Young Artist]; Winette Sparkman [Birth of the Day]; Jean Stanley [Resentment]; Patty Stewart [Lost]; Lee Stone [Sept. 72]; Suzanne Sutton [Sonnet to a Grandmother]; William D. Taylor [Behold Her Single in the Field]; John Thompson [You are the world]; Drew White [Pen and Ink]; Eddie Williams [The Churn and an old lady meet on the Washington Bridge on July 8, 1947]; Xenia Zed [Madame Bazonga is Reliefed]

The Mockingbird