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Joyce Duncan

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Holly Adams [Graphic]; Donagrace Addington [I Dream]; Donna Barnes [Make It Shine]; Tony Black [Graphic]; Sonia Burger [Drawing]; Elaine Stephens Burleson [upon moving]; Jennifer Calhoun [Photograph]; Leroy Crawford [Blacks Need Leaders Not Polemics]; Tim Davis [Drawing; Photograph]; Iva Dye [instructions]; Paul Eckelman [Graphic];Monica Edmonds [Photograph]; John Edwards [Accident]; A.C. Fleenor [A Touch of Winter]; Vikki Ganger [The Lost Paradise]; Eric Gonce [Photograph]; Adam Good [The Battered Bible]; Janet Hance [King Depot; Hero; Graphics];Jane Hicks [Going Home; Mistress Mine]; Steve Holland [Photograph]; Laura M. Howland [Oceana's Daughter]; Jennifer Jessee [Two Drawings; Graphic]; Beth Kopp [The White Deer; Knowing]; Mohammed Ali Nayesh [The Momento Mori Ascent]; William O. Nickels [Dutch Landscape; Drawing with Resurrecting Fish; Tree II]; Kim Rushing [Photograph]; Frances Sams [Conch Shells]; Charles Sheffey [Photograph]; Nicholas Smith [A Poem for the Palm of Your Hand; Jalapeno]; Marc Thompson [Krishna; Paper Dolls]; Ted Tubbs [Photograph]; David Pearson Whittaker [Mother Rain]; Janice Wyandt [Incident at Panchgani]

The Mockingbird